December 20, 2020

Part 3 | Behind the Book: The History Behind WagerEasy

(continued from previous blog, Part 2) According to industry insiders, for every dollar bet legally there is still seven dollars going offshore. According to industry insiders... Many offshore operators may be legal in the part of the world where they are based but illegal in the United States. Will states allow these offshore operators to...
December 18, 2020

Part 1 | Behind the Book: The History Behind WagerEasy

Change. A behind-the-scenes look at Tom Farrell's sports betting book, WagerEasy. It was the kind of change America usually doesn’t see. We like our change to come about gradually with the opportunity to debate, read and digest articles published by experts, and become outraged by the status quo. Finally, movements grow and gain momentum, Congress...
February 9, 2020

What I’ve Been Reading | February 2021

Tom Farrell's list of sports betting books, and more. All of these novels inspired the sports-betting mystery-thriller WagerEasy. The Book Gambit I recently finished watching the popular series on Netflix called “The Queen’s Gambit,” starring Anya Taylor-Joy. It’s a good story, well-acted and I highly recommend it. It’s based upon a novel by Walter Tevis. This surprised me because I...