Indies Today calls Wager Smart “A clever thriller whose scandalous secrets are too much to keep.” 



In Wager Smart, Eddie and Uncle Mike take on a cold case for Arlene Adams, the wealthy widow of a notorious hitman. The case leads Eddie and his uncle to Vegas, where they meet the hitman’s old partner, the Deacon, a legend in the mob. The cold case quickly spirals into an investigation of a current murder that requires the men to make a dangerous deal with the mob. Eddie’s old girlfriend, a poker pro and sports betting insider, gives Eddie and his uncle an edge, but could also lure Eddie back into his old Vegas gambling habits. Eddie and his uncle must walk a fine line between the high rollers, mob business interests, competing crime syndicates and the police, to get justice.

Wager Smart is currently available for preorder on Amazon and will be available for purchase on October 31st!

“A smart, gripping crime thriller about the corrosive price of vengeance”

– Kirkus Reviews



Tom Farrell


Tom Farrell has worked as a golf course starter, a chemist and clerked at City Hall in Chicago while attending law school. He has served as Vice President of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a nonprofit corporation, and was a past finalist in the Pikes Peak Writer’s Contest in the Mystery, Suspense and Thriller category. Now retired from practicing law, when he’s not handicapping, he can be found on the golf course or at a local jazz club.



Sports bettor, bartender and part-time investigator Eddie O’Connell realizes the man killed in gruesome signature mob-style is his old friend from the race track and vows to get justice. In November 2018, with the legalization of sports betting on the horizon, WagerEasya British sports betting conglomerate, has set up shop in the Chicago market looking for shortcuts.


The prequel to the novel WagerEasy takes place prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in November, 2018, that allowed states to legalize sports betting. In Wager Tough, when a mob-connected bookie is murdered, Eddie O’Connell goes undercover to take over the bookie’s operation and find the killer.


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