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Are you searching for a novel that will grip you and reel you in from the beginning? We all have some sort of comfort zone when it comes to reading genres. For some, it might be romance novels. For others, they might prefer to exclusively stick to science fiction novels. Regardless of what your go-to genre of choice is, it is always wise to step outside of your comfort zone. To change things up from time to time. Perhaps, even, you have been craving something new and exciting. Perhaps you know it’s time to try something totally different. If any of this resonates for you, murder mystery books are the perfect option.

A fascinating, captivating world of murder mystery books…

Sports betting books are truly a world within themselves, and it is quite a fascinating and captivating world indeed. By deciding to take the plunge and begin reading sports betting books, it is possible you will become completely absorbed in a world you either did not even know existed or one which you had very little understanding of before. You will be exposed to some of the various types of betting, the multitude of rules that are set in place (and occasionally broken), handicapping, and all of the scandals that can go along with this world. Sports betting books allow you to escape everyday life. They allow you to enter into a thrilling and fascinating mystery world that keeps you on your toes.


Dive into Tom Farrell’s riveting story of a murder in the underground betting world.

WagerEasy is a sports betting book that is boldly interwoven with a compelling mystery-thriller story. It will leave you unable to put the book down. This is a page-turner. It features the protagonist, Eddie O’Connell, who is shocked when he discovers that his old friend has been horrifically murdered. Eddie’s friend had been working for a British sports betting firm known as WagerEasy. The firm had established itself in Chicago and was subsequently engaging in some questionable behaviors while trying to find certain shortcuts.

A determined Eddie, along with his uncle who is a retired police detective with the right connections, set up an important meeting. It was with the Chicago gambling boss suspected of ordering his friend’s murder. The Chicago gambling boss claims he is actually being framed by WagerEasy, the British sports betting corporation. He says they are the ones posing the real threat and the target to go after.

Eddie decides to risk everything…

Eddie decides to risk everything. He goes undercover on a mission to truly bring the truth to light and get justice. In the process, he gets exposed to the ruthless underworld of the sports gambling black market. He realizes that the illegal black-market bookies (slang term for ‘bookmaker,’ or the person who takes bets) are backed by the mob and plotting against the British conglomerate.


Wager Easy will keep you on your toes…

By choosing to pick up WagerEasy and step into the murder mystery books genre, you will be taken along for quite a thrilling, adventurous ride. WagerEasy will expand your mind by exposing you to new information. It might even have some real-life applications for you at some point, should you ever decide to follow or engage in any kind of sports betting or gambling.

Perhaps you already have some knowledge on the topic. Or, maybe you have been an avid reader of sports betting books for many years. Regardless of where your knowledge of finance, betting, or gambling is currently at, the mysterious plot in WagerEasy is sure to keep you on your toes. It is full of suspenseful twists and turns without being too much to follow. You will be craving to dive into more sports betting books. Continue to follow wherever this newfound book interest may lead you. Happy reading!


.. Farrell also beautifully realizes the setting of Chicago in winter, which helps to enhance the procedural elements of the story. He skillfully unfolds the complicated tale as Eddie delves deeper into the underworld and finds out how it intersects with the impending legalization of sports betting in Illinois. The novel presents a bleak landscape of rival gangs always looking to double-cross one another as well as a memorably startling characterization of the Chicago police and court system. Eddie is the just the right kind of noble but flawed hero to travel between the two realms, and Farrell crafts an array of familiar and unfamiliar genre elements into a genuinely gripping read. A smart and fast-paced crime drama that will leave readers wanting more from this author.

–Kirkus Reviews (starred review)



Sports bettor, bartender and part-time investigator Eddie O’Connell realizes the man killed in signature mob-style is his old friend from the race track and vows to get justice. In November, 2018, with legalization of sports betting on the horizon, WagerEasya British sports betting conglomerate, has set up shop in the Chicago market looking for shortcuts.

Water Tough


The prequel to the novel WagerEasy takes place prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in November, 2018, that allowed states to legalize sports betting. In Wager Tough, when a mob-connected bookie is murdered, Eddie O’Connell goes undercover to take over the bookie’s operation and find the killer.